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By | March 18, 2010

A casting call by Film Annex for a thrilling, smart, and sexy web series based on Dante’s Inferno. Each episode is a modern adaptation of this timeless classic and involves spine-tingling crime investigation stories taken from current events.

Here is a brief overview of RED NOTICE:

The series will be shot in New York City in 2010 and distributed to half a million viewers every day via the Film Annex Network. The show will later be developed into a TV series.

Actors, we’re looking for:

MARGOT: A 19 year-old girl who is a NYC-newbie. Naive and inexperienced. Has a slight obsession with crime stories and mysteries.

VICKY: Early 20s. New York native. Confident know-it-all. Seen as a mentor by her peers.

We are now accepting submissions from actors from ALL OVER THE WORLD. All you need to do is to RECORD your own audition and UPLOAD it on Film Annex in order for us to review it. To get an idea about the quality and the format of the videos we’re looking for, check out Please be reminded that even though we will be reviewing all submitted videos, we will only be accepting professionally-made videos that match the standards you see on Red Notice Web TV

How to submit your video:

1) Register to Film Annex and create an actor’s profile by uploading a picture, a brief bio, and contact information.

2) Log in to your Film Annex account and click on “Upload your film.”

3) Fill in the required fields and name your video “(Your Name) Auditioning for the Part of (MARGOT) or (VICKY). You can also see examples at

4) Upload your video. To see file formats, refer to the chart on our upload page. Please note that we recommend MP4 files with H.264 codecs. The file size should not exceed 940 MB.

5) Once you upload your file, please remember that it will not go online immediately. It will go through our administration for review and will go online if it’s chosen by our team.

DOWNLOAD the audition sides and further information from their site at

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