Casting Episodic “Hopeless Romantic” | Los Angeles area



Tonelson Productions, an independent production company, is casting for the comedy short film called, “HOPELESS ROMANTIC.” The film, “HOPELESS ROMANTIC” is a hip interview-style TV show on relationships. Today’s episode: a romantic comedy about a passionate landscaper who fails to accept the flaws of relationships. He meets his competitor’s sister and embarks on a journey to face the flaws to win her heart. This shoot will be produced by David Tonelson (Writer) and Mico Montes (Director).

The shooting schedule is as follows: October 15, 16, 17 of 2010. Locations include: Long Beach, Irvine.


• KIP: 21; a self-centered, terse-spoken, immature, mildly chauvinistic greensman
(Look: age 18-28; Male; Caucasian)

• WILLY: 30; a quick-tempered, passionate, flirty, over-bearing, controlling greensman
(Look: age 24-32; Male; Caucasian)

• CHAZ: 21; an optimistic, salesman-like, buoyant to conversation, ex-beach-bum-turned entrepreneur-type
(Look: age 18-28; Male; Caucasian or Latino)

• MYRA: 21; an upbeat, flirty, spunky, knowledgeable, ambitious TV show hostess (Look: age 18-30; Female; any ethnicity


Our Casting Call will take place on Monday, September 20, 2010, 7:00pm to 9:00pm. The location will be held at the meeting room of the Avia Hotel: 285 Bay Street, Long Beach, CA 90802. Please, if possible, come in costume, based on the character you are interested in portraying. Please RSVP at so we may schedule your casting time. “HOPELESS ROMANTIC” will be sent to 10 top film festivals. Production will be single-day shoots for each character. There is no-pay, though we will provide food, credit, a copy of the film. This is a great opportunity to do one days of work to build your resume and star in a film.
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