Casting Feature Film Starring Edward James Olmos


Audition notice for the Full Length Feature “JAMESY BOY”
SAG feature film, shooting is scheduled to begin JANUARY 2011

EDWARD JAMES OLMOS is already cast, the following roles are still open

[JAMES BURNS] Caucasian Male. Seeking18-early 20s to play TEENAGER. Physically strong and externally menacing for a majority of the film takes place in prison. James has a history of violence and has been in and out of correctional institutions since he was 6. Not allowed to attend public school because of his record, he is bored and frustrated and feels like a lost cause. James grows up too fast and rises through the ranks of the wrong crowd, proving to be a loyal, quick-thinking, brave and resourceful drug runner and money collector. A weapons deal gone wrong lands James in juvie, and he’s transferred to a maximum-security adult prison at age 17. On paper, he looks like just another troublemaking, smartass inmate: tatted out, prone to fighting, impossible to reason with or control. In reality, he’s not a lost cause at all, if someone would give him a real chance. A protective, complicated guy who learns to channel his feelings into writing. With help from Conrad, an inmate serving a life sentence, James eventually learns to deal with his situation in a mature way. Think young CHANNING TATUM in “Guide to Recognizing Your Saints.”

Email Convincing Photos & Resume!

Trained, Untrained, SAG or Non-Union are encouraged to Submit.

Auditions are currently being held in New York until cast.
Those appropriate candidates outside the NYC area, will be contacted directly with instructions to self-tape and send auditions.