Casting for a Horror Film “Killing Brooke”

By | April 8, 2010

Casting for a Horror Film “Killing Brooke” in MA, Shooting location will be in the Western Mass (Northampton/Springfield) area. This is a non-paying gig.

Brooke and her girlfriend Maxine are trying to salvage their relationship. On the way home from a last ditch romantic getaway they find themselves lost. A random accident finds them offering a ride to Vance, a handsome, mysterious hitchhiker. When Vance turns out to be a serial killer, Brooke finds herself running for her life. When she takes shelter in an old farmhouse occupied by the Spade clan, (Dagget, Darla and Rory), Brooke finds herself jumping from the frying pan into the fire as her would be saviors turn out to be a family of inbred, incestuous psychotics intent on causing her more harm than she could ever imagine…

Available Roles:
Brooke (mid 20’s): LEAD. Must be willing to get dirty, (fake) bloody, and basically put through hell. There’s a reason this is called “Killing Brooke”. Must be comfortable with semi-nudity and performing own stunts.
Vance (mid-20’s to early 30’s): Handsome, rugged, charismatic, but yet have an underlying ominous aura. Also must be willling to perform own stunts.
Dagget (30ish): Leader of the Spade clan. He is best described as a cross between Dax Shepherd and Matthew McConaghey’s character in Texas Chainsaw Massacre: the Next Generation. Cool under pressure but can become a raging psycho if necessary. Also must be willling to perform own stunts.
Anticipated project start date: early summer 2010.
Please email headshot and resume to Dave Zagorski at

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