Casting for Episode One of a web series | Los Angeles


Audition posted by the Producer
Casting notice posted on, casting location: Arcadia, CA

Casting for Episode One of a web series (comedy/horror), the first of six. This episode shoots Saturday Aug 28 with casting this Sunday Aug 22nd. Email asap to schedule audition slot. This will be a one-day shoot.
The series stories are freestanding so we may work with actors in multiple episodes. To assist in our selection please provide a link to your work reel and/or web site.
Budget will be determined by an upcoming Kickstarter campaign; estimate $500-1000 all-inclusive so best to consider this no-pay and a work reel job.

6 characters:
#1 Female, 20-40, EXTRA. Fit physique. Bikini’d horror costume; your own costume a plus.
#2 Male, 20-30. FEATURED. Average to fit physique, costume is underwear only with bare chest. Face will not be shown. Agility required.
#3 Female, 25-35, LEAD. Physique to match Male #4. Science fiction costume will be provided.
#4 Male, 25-35, LEAD. Physique to match Female #3. Zombie makeup will be provided. Some need for improv, ala a “Basil Fawlty” fit.
#5 Male, 25-50, SUPPORTING. Average physique to match Female #6. Specialized costume will be provided.
#6 Female, 25-50, FEATURED. Average physique to match Male #5. Costume is t-shirt (provided) or suggest your own horror costume.


The sketch scene is at a horror convention.

Casting Location: Arcadia, CA
Contact email: [email protected]