Casting Kids 8 to 14 for SAG Feature


PLEASE: Follow the instructions in this ad EXACTLY or your submission may be deleted.

We are beginning our search for talent for a Family Action/Adventure full feature shooting in the CT area this summer/fall. This will be a SAG shoot at the standard rates if all goes as planned. “Name” actors can negotiate more pay, however; no more than low seven figures.

This is the first phase of our casting process. If you are chosen from out of the first batch of submissions, you will then be asked for a demo reel or to audition. First auditions can be done remotely. Complete instructions will accompany the Request Letter at that time.

The title of the project is currently referred to as “ES1”.
This is the Writer/Director information:

At this time, we are ONLY taking pictures and basic information for the following roles. PLEASE be sure to follow the instructions at the end of this ad EXACTLY or your submission may be deleted.

EMILY – 14, female, caucasian, medium to tall height, trim, athletic, daring, adventurous, precocious, clever, focused, leader, tender, caring, role model.

PINSTRIPE – 12, female, any race, short, thin, somewhat athletic, cute, smart, supportive, kid-next-door type, vocal, caring.

KAYLA – 8, female, caucasian, short to medium height, somewhat athletic, cutie, daring, adventurous, smart, vocal, follower.

TAYLOR – 13, male, any race, medium to tall height, medium build, follower but can take charge when necessary, expressive, thoughtful, intelligent, caring, supportive.

ROPER – 11, male, any race, short to medium height, slightly heavier, follower, fairly intelligent but not so street smart, humorous, narrow focused at times, speaks without thinking, caring, supportive.

If you feel that one of these roles is for you, then please follow the instructions below.

NOTE: You will automatically be considered for other roles if you are not chosen for the role you request. No need to apply for multiple roles.

To be considered, you MUST follow these instructions. Those who do not may be deleted.

TALENT AGENTS AND AGENCIES ARE WELCOME as long as you submit according to these instructions. No “batch” submissions, please. They will be deleted.

1) In the “Subject” line of your email put the character name that you wish to be considered for first, followed by your own name (the child’s name).

2) In the body of the email, please state applicant’s name, parent or guardian name, phone number(s), email address (if different from sender).

3) In the body of the email, please give your birth month, age, height, and weight.

4) In the body of the email, please give all union affiliations. If you do not currently belong to a union, please state “Non Union”, and also include how many SAG vouchers that you may currently have, if any.

5) In the body of the email, please let us know A) the most money you have ever made in a single day acting, and B) the most money you have ever made in a single project acting.

6) Please send at least 2, but no more than 5, pictures that, in your opinion best match the character for which you wish to be considered. Photos should be clear, and should include a complement of closeups and long shots. Links to your online photos are fine, but keep in mind that our time is limited and we will only be looking for a moment or so, and not looking through piles of pictures.

This is ALL that we want in the emails. Please do NOT send any resumes, more than 5 pictures, or multiple emails for multiple roles. If we want more information, we will let you know.


Other crew and roles will be advertised later.

Please send requested information to sdirector AT

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