Casting Multiple Productions and Many Roles – Theater Auditions – FL

2010-11 Theater Season Auditions.

Auditions being held by Appointment in FL

Casting – The Mystery Of Irma Vep by Charles Ludlam.
Director: Todd Olson.
1st rehearsal: August 23, 2010. Runs September 17 – October 10. May extend to October 17.

Two Actors: To play a variety of quick-change, extremely physical, farcical male and female characters (ages 25 – 40) …and monsters. Actor 1 will play the characters of Lady Enid Hillcrest, Nicodemus Underwood, Alcazar and Pev Amri. Actor 2 will play Lord Edgar Hillcrest, evil Jane Twisden, and an “Intruder.”

Opus by Michael Hollinger.

1st rehearsal: October 25, 2010. Runs November 5 – 28. May extend to December 5.

Theatre’s casting note: “[Seeking actors] preferably with credible knowledge of classical string instruments (though no actual playing will be required).”

Elliot: Man, 40s. Fussy perfectionist.
Alan: Man, 40s. Divorced sports lover.
Dorian: Man, 40s. Temperamental genius.
Carl: Man, 40s. Cancer survivor. Steady peacemaker.
Grace: Woman, 25. Recent graduate. Brilliant overachiever.

Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom by August Wilson.
1st rehearsal: December 27, 2010. Runs January 21 – February 13, 2011. May extend to February 20.

Note: Actors playing the band members should be able to play the instruments listed. Actors called back for these roles will be asked to play these instruments at callbacks.

Sturdyvant: Caucasian man. Racist owner of a Chicago recording studio.
Irvin: Caucasian. Ma Rainey’s sympathetic manager.

Cutler: African American man, mid 50s. Energetic leader of the band. Plays guitar and trombone.

Toledo: African American man, mid 50s. Piano player.

Slow Rag: African American man, mid 50s. Large. Bored bass player.

Levee: African American man, early 30s. Flamboyant trumpet player.

Ma Rainey: African American woman, 50s. Blues legend.

Dussie Mae: African American woman, 25 – 35. Sexy and ambitious.

Sylvester: African American man, early 20s. Stuttering Arkansas country boy.

Policeman: Caucasian.

Who’s Afraid Of Virgina Woolf? by Edward Albee.

Director: Todd Olson.
1st rehearsal: February 21, 2011. Runs March 11 – April 3, 2011. May extend to April 10.

George: 50. Disillusioned academic.

Martha: 50. George’s caustic and bitter wife.

Nick: 25 – 30. Handsome young professor.

Honey: Early 20s. Nick’s mousey wife.

Frankie and Johnny in the Claire de Lune by Terrence McNally. Director: Jason Sutherland.
1st rehearsal: May 9, 2011. Runs June 3 – 26, 2011. May extend to July 3.

Frankie: Woman, 40s. Frumpy waitress.

Johnny: Man, 40s. Short-order cook. Dreamer.

A Steady Rain by Keith Huff. Director TBA.
1st rehearsal: June 27, 2011. Runs July 22 – August 14, 2011. May extend to August 21 or 28.

Joey and Denny: Both men are 40 –-50, and are tough, imperfect Chicago cops.

Note from Equity: American Stage will hold Equity Performer Auditions for its park production of the musical RENT by Jonathan Larson at a later date. Watch for separate notice.

CONCESSION: Equity has granted an auditions concession to the producer. Equity Members may request a copy of the concession’s full text from the Equity Auditions Department.

Company American Stage Theatre Company

Address St. Petersburg, FL –

Monday, March 15, 2010
Tuesday, March 16, 2010
10 AM – 5 PM both days.
No scheduled break.

Where: Raymond James Theatre
163 Third Avenue North
St. Petersburg, FL
Downtown, across from Williams Park.

Notes/What to bring: For a five-minute appointment, contact T. Scott Wooten at or call 727-823-1600 x212. If there is no answer when you call, or if you e-mail, leave your name, phone number and two preferred appointment times. You will receive a confirmation. Equity Members without appointments will be seen throughout each audition day, as time permits.

Please prepare two monologues, not to exceed three minutes total. Actors interested in Irma Vep should demonstrate a British or Cockney dialect. Actors interested in A Steady Rain should demonstrate a Chicago dialect. No singing at this call; Equity auditions for the musical RENT will be held at a later date.

Please bring a picture and resume, stapled together.

All roles available. At least 60% of each cast will be on Equity contracts.

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