Casting Short Film


A short thesis film- set to start production in May 2010 – June 2010 in DC.
The Birthday Present is a psychological, drama about a self-destructive couple.
In a celebratory night their relationship is put to the test. The real masquerade begins.
This film is in the vein of Jacob’s Ladder, Requiem for a Dream and The Sixth Sense and
Eyes Wide Shut.

We are having auditions in DC. Tuesday, February 23, 2010!

Character Biographies

WILL—MALE ACTOR- Any Race- mid to late twenties
*** Partial nudity required- (artistic)***
Will: He works hard and plays hard as a professional stock broker, he works a
high-pressure job well paying job. His life from the outside looks perfect.
He’s always willing to try anything once.

ALLIE—FEMALE ACTRESS – woman of color – mid to late twenties
*** Partial nudity required (artistic)***
Allie: An interior designer. She loves William and would like to marry him
but he is does not seem ready to commit to her only.
Allie is independent and keeps Will on his toes.

CHER- FEMALE ACTRESS – Any Race – woman in her late 30’s to early forties.
***Partial nudity required(artistic)***
Will’s business associate.
She has experience behind her and is cold and calculating in her influence.

VIRGINIA RADCLIFFE – woman of color- in her fifties.
Will’s boss and mentor.
She is cruel and sweet at the same time. A powerful oracle at the office.

DAN- MALE ACTOR- Any Race- Late twenties – early thirties.
Will’s co-worker. He is weakened by his association with Will.

LANCE the Candy man—MALE ACTOR- Any race- mid to late twenties
Lance: A slick matrix looking character, a fast taking drug dealer.

DIANE —A FEMALE ACTRESS – woman of color – mid to late twenties
Diane: Allie’s friend and voice of reason, she’s her confidant.

EXTRAS will be needed for this production as well.

***If you have any questions about the kind of nudity required we
will be answering those questions at the audition***

Acting experience is a plus, however those with no prior acting
experience may audition also. Amateurs are welcome.
Actors must be in good physical shape and must photograph well.

We will be having auditions in DC. February 23, 2010.
If chosen, we will email the address and schedule a time for you to audition.

Be prepared to do a dramatic
monologue of your choice and/or to do a cold read from
the script which will be provided during your audition.
Must be available to rehearse during evenings.

If interested, please send head shots and acting resume to email
Send any questions to our email address.

Location: Washington, DC

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