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Casting notice posted on, casting location: Mendocino Coast, CA

Sundays…A dramatic series for the Internet produced and filmed locally in Fort Bragg, Mendocino and vicinity by Fog Line Films Writer & Director Forrest Naylor. A new episode of Sundays will air over the Internet every week for a season consisting of twelve weeks. Each episode will be generally around 10 min long and will be available for download to computers and mobile devices. A DVD will be made at the conclusion of each season.
Sundays is about a small Northern California coastal town and the eclectic medley of characters who call it home. Like any small town, lives are intertwined and gossip runs rabid, however in this small town, Sunday is no longer the holiest day of the week.
Auditions will be held in Mendocino, CA January 8th and 9th 1-5 PM.

HARLEY: Male 35-43 Struggling poet, recently moved back from New York.

OSCAR: Male 35-45 Harley’s good friend and stay-at-home dad and househusband.

CHELSEA: Female 35-45 Oscar’s domineering wife who works as a marriage counselor.

FRANCIS: Male 13-16 Oscar and Chelsea’s edgy teenage son.

RILEY: Female 9-14 Oscar and Chelsea’s sweet and smart preteen daughter.

VIOLET: Female 23-30 Foreigner. Oscar & Chelsea’s live-in help.

MAZZY: Female 18-25 Massage therapist with a sweet demeanor and expressive style.

CHAPTER: Male 18-25 Has an artsy bohemian flair and a quiet sincerity.

MOLLY: Female 18-25 Mazzy’s turbulent girlfriend who moved away then comes back.

GEORGE: Male 40-50 in a wheelchair, paralyzed from waist down, has secret agenda.

TABITHA: Female 35-42 George’s guilt riddled wife who shares in his secret agenda.

WOMAN IN WINDOW: 30-40 Gives sensual exhibitions to Harley from her upstairs window.

LILLIAN: Female 50-80 Flamboyant bar owner, philosophical and extremely liberal.

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Casting Location: Mendocino Coast, CA
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