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By | July 19, 2010

Hottywood Helps
Casting notice posted on, casting location: Washington, DC
Non-pay but copy of reels and credit

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Audition Dates: August 14-15, 2010
Audition Location: 9701 Apollo Drive, Ste. 253, Largo MD 20774
Shooting Dates: TBD [October 2010]
Location: Washington, DC


Witty advice blogger, Hottywood Helps!, guides five office employees through humorous scandals of office politics, betrayal and interoffice survival tactics by teaching them tips and tricks that they couldn’t learn in any classroom setting.


Mid 20?s, race ambiguos, short/Napoleon complex. Attractive. Confident. Vengeful. Sharp dresser. Professional but sexy. Street smart. Office manager who fights a never-ending battle to stay at the top.


Mid 20?s. Dominican/Hispanic descent/accent. Cool nerd. Comedic. Likeable and relatable. General service office employee who’s always around when you least expect him and is humorously under-rated.


Mid 20?s. Caucasian male. Deeply knowledgeable in African American culture; R&B/Rap, etc. Sharp dresser. Cool and suave. Sarcastic. Troublemaker. Coniving and manipulative. Confident and charming. Office employee who always looks for trouble and sides with the winning team.


Late 30?s-40?s, race ambiguous. Nice guy. Personable. Commanding. Confident. Comedic, corny but serious. Executive supervisor who keeps his office running smoothly like a father would his own household.

Casting Location: Washington, DC
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