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Dorito Video Contest
Casting notice posted on, casting location: New York

I will be making a commercial that will be entered into a Doritos contest and will hopefully get played on TV during the Super bowl!

This is not going to be a paid gig unless we make it past the first round in which case there will be prize money that I would be happy to give you. Otherwise I will pay for food and transportation.
And you will have something more to add to your reel.

Either way it should be fun.

Here is a link to the contest if you want more info:

Looking for attractive looking Men and Women of all ages who are comfortable in kissing roles and/or other roles as needed.

all ages are taken into consideration

Headshots and phone number first then maybe we can go from there.

You can send this info to

You will get to practice your skills at acting out in public

You will get to practice your skills at coping with situations.

You may get to see yourself on television during the superbowl!

Casting Location: New York
Contact email: