DC audition for film | Casting Cheerleader / dancer

Carlyn Davis Casting is currently casting a SAG Modified (Low Budget Agreement) Feature Film titled “At The Top Of The Pyramid.” Auditions will be held in our Falls Church office starting next week.

Below is the breakdown of characters we are looking to cast.

When you submit, please include a photo and resume of your acting and dance background. In the subject, please put the role you are submitting for.

Jamie Parker (17 years old) JAMIE IS THE LEAD OF THE MOVIE. Jamie is a white, small, perky teenage girl. Very pretty. Great cheerleader and is the flyer on the squad. She’s a spitfire with a winning smile and bountiful energy. Her enthusiastic vibe is immediately infectious. Jamie is around 5’4, slim, with a petite figure and smile that lights up the room. Would be nice to read girls that are solid dancers and possibly know how to tumble. A real background in competitive cheerleading is a plus!

Pam-(17 years old) Principal. African American girl with a solid athletic attractive body. Pam is a great cheerleader and becomes Captain of the team. Pam is not mean, but can be feisty.

Diana- (17 years old) Principal. Diana is a mean girl, but can dance/cheer her tail off. She is attractive, tall, with probably dark hair. Diana is threatened and jealous of Jamie. White.

Mason- (30’s) Principal. Mason is a muscular, agile, celebrated choreographer. A young good looking athletic dancer. He is fun and likes his job and likes the kids on the squad. He could be of any race.

Miguel Guerro- (17 years old) Principal Latino, handsome, great dancer.

Kelly-(17 years old) DayPlayer. A very pretty Asian girl with a hint of swag and soul. Great cheerleader and dancer.

Cindy-(17 years old) DayPlayer. One of Diana’s entourage. Very pretty white girl. Striking, but not in Diana’s league. Strong dancer/cheerleader.

Debbie-(17 years old) DayPlayer. Another of Diana’s entourage. Very pretty. Any race. Strong dancer/cheerleader.

Please, no phone calls to the office. Extras casting is still being determined. You can check www.extrasnow.com for details.
Submissions may be sent to pyramidcasting@gmail.com no later than May 18th, 2010.

Shoot will be throughout the month of June and early July in the NOVA/DC area.