Dr Phil Casting

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Daytime TV casting call

Dr. Phil is casting for an episode of the popular talk show. Dr. Phil is seeking families with overweight toddlers.

Are you the parent of an overweighttoddler (ages 3-5) who wants your child to lose weight? Are you alsooverweight and are pressuring yourtoddler to lose weight? Would you consider yourself to be a perfectionistparent who wants your toddler to lose weight to have the “edge” in life? Areyou a parent who admittedly gives your toddler whatever he/she wants to eat justto make him/her happy?

We are looking for toddlers betweenthe ages of 3-5 who would be able to participate in a parenting show involvingweight issues. If you and your toddler are willing to appear on television,please email your story, along with your child’s name, age, height, weight and recent photo.

you can apply here