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By | April 15, 2010

“Joint Body” Independent Feature Film directed by Brian Jun (“Steel City”, “The Cover Up”) seeks extras.

Specific extras, General Extras, and Stand Ins are needed for a feature film shooting in Alton and Jerseyville, Illinois area.

Specific Types:

Felon Support Group members: All ethnicities, mostly men, age range 18 to 60 years will be needed on April 23rd (great character faces).

Strip Club Patrons: All ethnicities, men, age range 18 to 60 years will be needed to portray Strip Club Patrons (must not have a problem being in a strip club with dancers).

General Types:

Men and Women, age range 18 to 80 years to portray blue collar workers, middle class townspeople, hospital worders etc..

There is no payment for any of these extra roles. Extras will only be asked to volunteer for one day (4-6 hours). Leading actors in the film are cast out of LA and are recognizable faces from top television shows such as “Lost”, and “True Blood”. In addition, Stand-ins for leading actors are needed – (this is a very valuable learning opportunity)
Looking for stand-ins who fit the following description-

1 Caucasian male, approx 6’2”, 200 LBS, dark blonde hair, (works approx. 12 days, age range 30s to 40s)

1 Caucasian male, approx. 6’4”, 220 LBS, brown hair (works last week of April, age range 20s to mid 30s)

If you are interested and can volunteer 4-6 hours of your time to be a background cast member please contact: Emily at EKCasting@gmail.com. Email your recent digital photo asap. Shooting begins on April 17th and ends on May 1st. If selected to be an extra you will hear from Casting between April 15 and April 30th.

***If you have already emailed EKCasting@gmail.com, please do NOT resubmit yourself. New submissions ONLY.

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