Film Auditions Toronto


Feature film Casting call in Canada, Toronto

Casting the Indie Feature Film “Invisible Prisons” Inspired by true events
The film will be shot around the Toronto area early 2011, Casting will be held in September 2010.

Movie is about a sucidial teenage boy falls in love in a mental hospital.

Casting will be held in Sept on the 27th Union Production/ with union rates non/union actors can submitt as well.

Available roles to be cast:

Lead: Lawrence Taft: age range 18-25 tall, Michel Cera looks, shaggy hair, slender built, dealing with depression
Lead: Maddison Cross: age range 18-25 skinny, toned, type A personality dealing with anorexia
Co-star Nurse Fryer: age range 30-45 any background in nursing apply, blond hair, Amy Adams looks, hopeless romantic, attractive in a reserved way
Co-Star Fiona Taft : age range 35-45 blond, obessed with self image, toned, tan, trophy wife, prissy, manicured
Co-star Tanya Cross: age range 35-45 model type, bubbly blond, strikingly beautiful, tan, toned, great shape, tall
Co-Star Martin Taft: age range 35-45 bussiness professonal, tall, dark hair
Co-Star Robert Cross age range 35-45 bussiness professonal, short, dark hair, tan, up tight

Starring:Hoyt Richards
Screenplay By:Lawrence Nelson II/Hoyt Richards
Directed By:Lawrence Nelson IIProduced By:Hoyt Richards

Plot Outline:
A suicidal young man falls in love with a bulimic girl and discovers he has many reasons not to give up on life.

Inspired by true events, Invisible Prisons takes place in the winter of 2000 in snowy upstate Missouri.

LAWRENCE TAFT, 19, wants to die. But no one knows why. And Lawrence isn’t talking. After a suicide attempt at home, Lawrence finds himself in a mental institution. A year later, after subsequent suicide attempts, DR. ALLAN STANWYCH (Hoyt Richards), 45, Lawrence’s primary care-giver and head of the institution, is befuddled on how to help the troubled teenager.

Enter MADDISON CROSS, 21, an attractive rebel who has troubles of her own. Diagnosed as bulimic, Maddison ends up in the same facility. Lawrence takes immediate notice of Maddison but she’s not interested. So furious that she finds herself in this institution for “loonies,” Maddison can think of nothing other than getting out. Eventually, Maddison comes to see that she and Lawrence have more in common than she thought. A friendship develops between two “lost” people who find themselves in a place where neither wants to be and neither feels like they belong.

As their bond builds, it affects the complicated life of Dr. Allan Stanwych, a man who in many ways has given up on life himself. Having followed his acclaimed father into the same profession, Allan has never shared the same passion for the job. Consequently, he also finds himself in a place he doesn’t want to be. His wife, WENDY, 42, once a former patient and “miracle success” story of his father, has relapsed into a hopeless catatonic state. After eight years of loyally standing by her side in her unchanged condition, Allan has become as comatose as Wendy. Too guilt-ridden to admit to himself how unhappy he is, Allan is a man stuck in his own invisible prison.

Enter NURSE SARAH FRYER, 38, an earnest, well-meaning assistant to Dr. Stanwych. Sarah recognizes Allan’s plight but sees no viable way to reach him. She also finds herself in a love-less life but she can’t seem to get Allan to appreciate her charms beyond being good at her job. Aware of his delicate “home life,” a subject Allan doesn’t feel comfortable talking about, Sarah feels trapped – madly in love with a man who probably will never reciprocate her feelings.

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