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Chicago Area Auditions for Indie Short Film “Decibel”

Living Room Films – Decibel Location: Chicago, Illinois Audition / Call Type: Films ‘Decibel’ is a short (9 minute) urban horror film shooting in the Chicago area. Synopsis: MacKenzie witnesses a bizarre event, when a neighbor she’s never met barges into her apartment, only to commit suicide right in front of her! The neighbor claimed […]

Casting Actors in Louisiana for Film Project “Bakerhills”

Odyssey Island Bakerhills Location: Louisiana Audition / Call Type: Films Casting for a film – Physical traits are preferred but not necessary. Rachel Powell (20s-30s) – Average built and slightly shorter than average height dark haired girl. Preferred brown eyes or other dark color. Susan (50s-60s) – Rachel’s mother. Feels that she was never there […]

Actors in New York for Spider Man Fan Film Project

Spider-man:spider- verse paradox Location: New York United States Audition / Call Type: Films Need actors for spider- Gwen Flash Thompson Peter Parker( from Gwen’s universe universe) Black suit spider-man (bully Maguire) And Gwen’s father George Stacy Payment: Non-Paid City or Location of call: New York United States Please submit to: by 03/30/2023 11:00 PM […]

Auditions in Rome, Italy for Indie Film, “Is Love Blind.”

“IS LOVE BLIND” Location: ROME,ITALY Audition / Call Type: Films Director: Petra issah Movie: IS LOVE BLIND dates: NOVEMBER 29-DEC1 a short film based in rome , dialogue mostly in english and arabic- a love story between two women. Payment: Non-Paid City or Location of call: ROME,ITALY Please submit to: by 11/26/2022 11:30 PM […]

Toronto Canada Auditions for “Sixth Man Of The Year”

Trebas Institute Sixth Man Of The Year Location: 543 Yonge St, Toronto Audition / Call Type: Films – If you’re auditing to be a player please provide video footage of you playing basketball. – male athletes aged 18-19 – If Auditioning to be the coach have some knowledge of the game Payment: Non-Paid City or […]