Final Casting Call for “True Grit”

Last Casting Call for TRUE GRIT (Coen Brothers film) – The casting directors for the Coen Brothers new film “True Grit” is seeking some very specific roles.

FRANK JAMES – Late 60’s – 80’s. Must be able to portray a menacing look through his eyes!! Beady-eyed bastard. Very mean looking! Thug. Son-of-a-gun. Not a nice guy!

GRANDMA TURNER – Late 60’s – 80’s. Must be able to portray a mean woman – decrepit & pruney looking (great wrinkles/facial lines). She snores loudly! 2 options: Old crone (mean old lady) OR a very large woman (too big to share bed w/Mattie).

General Women – Frontier, hard-bitten types of WOMEN. Must have interesting faces (facial lines, crooked teeth, larger noses, weathered skin type, hard features). Preferably longer hair w/no artificial color. We need rough frontier types – NOT modern looking. No makeup!

Interested applicants should call our office asap! 512-637-6775

People can mail photos – but calling us is preferred – as this is time sensitive!
True Grit Casting / Debbie DeLisi
c/o DW Studios Productions LLC
1901 E. 51st St, Red Bldg
Austin, TX 78723

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