Food Network Casting Call

By | March 6, 2010

The Food Network is holding a casting call, searching for waiters and hosts who would like to appear in a reality TV show and food network competition. The new series will feature teams competing in the restaurant industry for a prize that involves opening their own restaurant.

Actors and actresses are welcome to apply but the show is searching for people who have real experience in the restaurant industry. They are looking for real life wait staff that would want to be on camera.

If chosen for the audition and show, it will be a two-day commitment: one day being interviewed for the position, and if you are chosen you will come back the next day to wait tables or host at the restaurant opening. This is a PAID position for the people who are hired to work in the restaurant. It is possible that you will be asked to be a part of future shoots/ episodes as well. Must be 21+ to apply. New York Casting Call

If interested, please send along a resume with restaurant experience, and a photo of yourself to:

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