Hair models for “Hair Battle Spectacular”

We are looking for MODELS with HUGE attitudes and BIG personalities to participate in HAIRBATTLE SPECTACULAR!

HAIRBATTLE SPECTACULAR is a new challenge based reality show where FANTASY/AVANT GARDE hair stylists are competing for $100,000 GRAND PRIZE. For those who are not aware of the FANTASY/AVANT GARDE hair world, it is NOT your typical hair show. This is BROADWAY, VEGAS, SHOWGIRL TYPE HUGE HAIR STYLES! Because of this.. you have to be able to WORK IT on the runway… SELL THE LOOK… WALK THE CATWALK like you OWN IT!!!
We will NOT be cutting or dyeing your hair… however you will be required to wear big, possibly heavy hair pieces and be expected to work your stuff on the runway!


Send us an email ASAP if interested, and make sure to include your name, height, along with a headshot and body shot picture to: HAIRBATTLE@GMAIL.COM

Please put in the subject line: HB MODEL

Also, there was a previous casting call a few weeks back for hair stylists who want to partipate in a hair battle type show – casting stylists

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