Home Makeover Show Casting

San Francisco Bay Area Casting Call

Home Makeover Show HGTV and Curb Appeal are now casting homeowners in the Bay area who really need help with their home’s front yard. HGTV is casting homeowners who own a single family home that can benefit from a curb side redo worth 20k. Yep, 20k. If your Bay area home is selected, you will receive a curb side makeover worth $20,000. Is your front yard the eyesore of the entire neighborhood? Well, if so, you may just get that eye sore turned into home makeover perfection on national TV. Did you start the project and simply run out of funds? Maybe you did the DIY way and ran out of steam? Or, maybe, it was just too crazy for you to touch and deal with at all. Either way, Curb Appeal wants to hear your story and see some pics of your eyesore of a yard. HGTV and Curb appeal are looking for homes with issues like peeling paint, horrific colors, cracked driveways, jungles in the front yard and anything else that makes your house a stain on the neighborhood. Maybe you bought a fixer upper you just could not handel. If you fit the bill sent the following: name and contact info pics of your home as well as the problomatic front yard pics of yourself and your family your occupation reason for the messed up front yard and exterior your story and your address to: curbcasting@johlt.com Homes are selected quickly so do this ASAP!