Native German Speaking Actors New York

ACTFL ( is seeking native speakers of German to participate in the development of a language proficiency video. Each participant will be expected to read from a script (in German) and act out a designated role. The pay per hour is $40. Please note acting experience is not required (but is preferred) and the shoot will be done one day during the week of May 24th, 2010.

To qualify the following criteria MUST be met:

1) Must speak impeccable German. Must be a heritage/native speaker of the language.
2) Be willing to travel to White Plains. Travel costs will be reimbursed.

Roles that must be filled:

Role 1) Teacher
*Native Speaker of German
*Woman old enough to be a teacher
*English speaking role with comfortable use of some German words

Role 4) Guide 1
*Native Speaker of German
*Over 18
*Male or Female

Role 5) Teacher’s Assistant
*Native Speaker of German
*Old enough to be a teacher
*Male or Female

Role 6) Guide 2
* Native Speaker of German
*Over 18
*Male or Female

Role 7) Voiceover
*Native Speaker of German
*Any Age
*Male or Female

Should you be interested please email Crystal Campagna at
In the subject line please put “German Video Shoot” and the role you are interested in.

Within the body of the email include the following:

*Brief explanation of why you are a native speaker of the language (please include age at which you moved to US, approx. years you have lived in US)
*How comfortable you are in the language? Can you read it?
*Date of birth
*State or area of residence (NYC, CA)
*Email and Phone Number

Attached to the email include the following:

*Resume with any acting experience you may have had (experience is preferred but not necessary)
*Submission of any professional websites or voice samples you may have in German (submissions with voice samples are highly! preferred)
*Submission of profile picture

NOTE* Also seeking Spanish and French speakers for other video projects.

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