New show in Orlando Casting for Actors 18-60


Orlando the Television Show…on stage, is a light hearted, episodic, show within a show that will chronicle the lives of struggling writer/director duo, Mark and Danny. Production obstacles and budget restraints add to the comedy as the team works together to produce an Orlando specific stage show complete with cliché characters, career choices, local area events and the innate comedy that lies therein.

Characters are fun and over the top and actors must possess great comedic timing. As this is an episodic production, actors must be able to memorize quickly and have good availability. This is an excellent opportunity for actors to gain industry exposure and experience.

(Please submit headshots and resumes through email only.)

Casting Contact:

Kristofer Kauff

Character Breakdowns

Mark (Cast)

Danny (Cast)

Males, aged 19 to 22
Gay, Disney College Program Grad. From a small town in North Carolina, with a southern accent. Extremely happy to have escaped the bible belt and very excited about Mickey Mouse.

Sofia Naddera Lucera Diaz
Females, aged 35 to 50
Hispanic, Apartment Manager. Fluent in Spanish, struggles with her English. Over the top. Independent and, in her own mind, just a little bit better than everyone.

Byron Byran
Males, aged 26 to 65
African American, Baptist Minister. Devout, but struggling to adjust and compromise in order to save his, once thriving, Orlando Mega Church.

KC Collins
Females, aged 24 to 28
Ex-Girl Band Member. Briefly associated with Lou Pearlman, she is doing her best to forge a solo career. Must play an instrument and be able to sing.

Females, aged 40 to 50
Lifetime Waitress, from NYC. Serves at a themed restaurant…and hates it. Hates everyone else in the building…but is, somehow, still endearing.

Future Title Roles
Any gender/race, aged 18 to 50
To play various walk on roles, and new lead roles as they are written.

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