Seeking Cast and Crew | Seattle

By | April 23, 2010

“How would you like to be in a motion picture?” – Ed Wood

I am assembling a cast and crew for the Seattle 48 Hour Film Project. The jump off is May 14th and goes through to the 16th. During the weekend we will get very little sleep. Filmmakers across the Seattle area will be competing like Olympians to see who can make the greatest short film within the time limit of 48 hrs. If we win in Seattle our film will compete with other city winners around the world.

I am looking for people with passion and high skill levels, primarily directed towards audio, film and video. Our productions are fun! We love to smile and joke and at the same time professionally complete a classy production. We often get guerilla so please be prepared for adventure.

Anyone is welcome to submit! New and old! I love teamwork and am looking for a cast and crew that wants to contribute their talent and passion to create a spectacular final product. If you feel like you have something special to offer Team Lake House’s short film entry please reply to this post or email me, Henry Darrow McComas @ with your skill and available equipment list, if applicable. Don’t be bashful, let’s make a movie!

Right now we are recruiting people all over the board from crew to cast, so let’s talk.