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By | March 8, 2010

Casting for a cabaret pianist for a Broadway restaurant – I am starting to produce/host an open mic night (broadway/cabaret/musical) every THURSDAY from 10pm-2am. Its uptown at Fibe Restaurant on Broadway between 170/171st.

I need: a pianist WHO CAN SING! and sing well! i need the pianist to be funny/goofy/be able to spoof musicals (think “Wicked in 60 seconds” type stuff) i need you to be quick, be able to site read any music that is brought up to be sung, know how to harmonize, be personable, fun, good at ‘hosting’ ((talking in front of live crowds, etc))

the evenings goes a little something like: opening number between myself, and you, and my guest host. think Little shop (prologue/skidrow) you also would have a set, and do your own stuff throughout the night. we would do sing alongs (think SEasons of Love, Rent) etc etc etc.

i need someone well versed in musical theatre who has a vibe for this kind of venue. you work off tips!

EMAIL ME RIGHT AWAY!!! i need to see what you can do! if youve ever been to The Duplex for ‘Mostly Sondheim’ on friday nights this is ALMOST EXACTLY what i am looking for!!!! please send your resume and headshot and if you have it, a video clip. i need someone starting pretty darn soon. PLEASE BE FUN, CREATIVE, TALENTED, WELL VERSED IN MUSICAL THEATRE and the general type of personality who isnt afraid to look stupid, or say the wrong thing, and please be familiar with and comfortable in the cabaret atmostphere!

Pay will be in the form of Bar pay-out and / or tips

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