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Casting notice posted on, casting location: Frederick,MD

Tonal Vision will hold auditions for a short film, “Gift”
on December 8, 2010 from 6-8 pm.
Location information:
Maryland Ensemble Theatre rehearsal class – auditorium
31 W Patrick St., Frederick , MD 21701
( Enter at a side door )
Actors needed:
Tara (lead) – 18- 25 years old, a deaf lady with a great sense of humor and knowledge of dancing art.
Iron (lead) – 18-25 years old, guitar player and he also a motor biker.
Tanya – 18-25, friend of Tara who has a Cochlear Implant
Carb 18-25 friend of Iron, athletic build, cowboy type motor biker and drummer in Iron’s band
Iron’s father – 40-50 years old. An old biker and former veteran of Gulf War.
Tara’s mom – 40-50 year old very flexible and open-minded hearing-impaired
lady who teaches Art at a deaf school.
Description of film:
“Gift” is the story two young students – he is a musician and she is a deaf dancer – who’re accidentally crash into each other and fall in love. The story follows their struggle to overcome their physical communications barriers and stay together, ending in a surprise twist. The author, Alexander Genievsky, is deaf and many of the scenes from this film are taken from his personal experiences or those of his friends.
Tentative shooting schedule (6-7 days total):
December 11 & 12
December 17, 18 & 19
2-3 days after Christmas
This will be a non-paying gig. Actors will receive meals while on set, film credit and a DVD of the final product. We will also be looking for crew members – interns welcome.

Tonal Vision LLC
Video & Music Production
1607 Lancaster St.
Baltimore, MD 21231-3423
Office: 410-675-0591 or 800-729-3905 (Voice)
Jacquine Greff
VP – 240-920-0101 or 866-927-7592
Alexander Genievsky

Casting Location: Frederick,MD
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