Theatre Auditions – New York Shakespeare Festival 2010

The New York Theater is taking photo / resume submissions for the Summer Shakespeare Festival

NYC LORT B; $750/week minimum
By William Shakespeare
Casting Director: Jordan Thaler, Heidi Griffiths

This Summer’s productions of The Winter’s Tale and The Merchant of Venice will be performed by a single company in rotating repertory as part of the free Shakespeare in the Park at the Delacorte Theatre.
The Winter’s Tale
Director: Michael Greif
The Merchant of Venice
Directed by Daniel Sullivan
The Public Theater/ Delacorte
1st rehearsal: March 22, 2010. Runs: June 9 – August 1.

Theatre’s Statement: “We are committed to casting a diverse company. We are seeking actors of all cultures, ages, disabled and non-disabled. All actors must have strong command of classical text.”

50s. The merchant of Venice. Successful, respected. Stoic on the surface, but perhaps more inherently soft and sad. A mentor to his friends but not to himself. His devotion for, and need to be loved and needed by, Bassanio make him capable of great sacrifice. This role will likely double with Camillo: A Sicilian Lord. Faced with Leontes’ order to kill Polixenes’, Camillo disobeys the king, forfeiting his future and banishing himself from his beloved homeland. He does this to serve the greater good and save Leontes from future misery and regret, not out of cowardice or disloyalty. Dignified. Sometimes melancholy.
50-60. A Sicilian lord and Paulina’s husband. Able to use his age and wisdom to dissuade Leontes from killing Hermione’s newborn child (Perdita). Noble and moral. He is saddened by all that has befallen his country. This role will likely double with The Duke Of Venice: The voice of authority. Confined to judging and following, the law, but his position is not neutral. Used to being regarded as substantial and powerful, he finds his hands are tied but wants to find the “loop-hole”. A politician.
20s. A young romantic. Driven, with an eye towards bettering himself and his fortunes by “stealing” and marrying Shylock’s daughter, Jessica. Perhaps excited by the danger a forbidden love and marriage might bring he gets caught up in the action amidst his group of friends who are faster and more sly than he is. NaOve. Still has the wonder of the world in his eyes. This role will most likely double with Lords, etc.
Launcelot Gobbo:
20s. A comical, clownish figure and servant to Shylock, he later aids in the escape of Jessica from Shylock and works for Bassanio. A role for a MASTER comedian. This role will most likely double with Lords , etc.
20s. Young. Exotically beautiful. Impulsive. Her shame at being a rich Jewish woman and her love of Lorenzo make her leave home, religion and her father, but not her father’s jewels and money. She doesn’t feel she belongs at home and discovers that perhaps she can’t fit in her new world and that she has risked everything to become a “stranger in a strange land”. Anxious. Melancholy. This role will most likely double with Perdita : Leontes and Hermione’s abandoned daughter, although she thinks her father is the Old Shepherd. Even though she has been raised in the country amongst shepherd and shepherdesses, her demeanor indicates her royal birth. Wise beyond her years. Elegant and lovely.
Ensemble Men: 20s-40s. All must be highly experienced in handling classical text to understudy principal roles as well as the possibility of smaller speaking roles among Lords, Gentleman, Court Officers, Atendants And Servants .

The following roles have been CAST. Actors auditioning will be considered for possible replacements if needed.
Young Shepherd/Solanio: (Cast) Jesse Tyler Ferguson
Polixenes/Gratiano: (Cast) Jesse L. Martin
Shylock: (Cast) Al Pacino
Portia/Emilia: (Cast) Lily Rabe
Leontes: (Cast) Ruben Santiago-Hudson
Old Shepherd/ Prince Of Aragon: (Cast) Max Wright
Paulina/Nerissa (Cast)
Bassanio/Autolycus (Cast)
Florizel/Salerio (Cast)
Hermione (Cast)

CONCESSION: Equity has granted an auditions concession to the producer. Equity Members may request a copy of the concession’s full text from the Equity Auditions Department.

Note from Equity: When casting personnel state that a role has been formally offered and accepted, EPA notices list the role as “CAST.”

NYSF will be holding appointment only auditions in New York on a future date to be announced.

Seeking submissions from Actors’ Equity Members only for these auditions.
For consideration, please mail picture and resumé to:
Jordan Thaler/Heidi Griffiths
NYSF/The Public Theater
425 Lafayette Street
New York, NY 10003
Attn: WINTER’S TALE/VENICE appointments – AEA member

Please read notice carefully, and submit ONLY if you are right for one of more roles.

New York Shakespeare Festival 425 Lafayette Street Attn: Winter’s Tale/Venice appointments – AEA member New York, NY 10003 US Contact – Respond: By Mail

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