Video Journalists Wanted

We’re a large New York-based video production and market research company which conducts interviews and performs shoots worldwide. We’re hiding behind this free page and incorrect company name (media2.3) because whenever we’d list our real name we’d be besieged by phone calls. We have a powerful team of insightful video journalists and researchers which we are expanding. We seek versatile and skilled individuals to conduct on-street interviews and day-shoots.


We’re particularly interested in candidates with experience in documentary and/or television news production, since these individuals often have the kind of inquiring mind and instinct that works for this job. We’ve been called a “Miniature Guggenheim Foundation” or “The Documentarian’s Day Job” since we provide support (through this work) to so many individuals working on their own documentaries. Journalism and interviewing skills are essential, as are technical skills, professional attitude and reliability.


You’re a one-person band with your professional-grade DV camera, external shotgun mic, and on-camera pop-light. You must be willing and able to approach most anyone, without fear, and with a smile.


You conduct pre-arranged interviews in offices or homes. You may be a one-man band, or we may have budgeted for a PA. We also occasionally cover large corporate events and even do some work for broadcast. It’s always a new adventure and a different challenge.


Candidates must own their equipment (we often need shoots that very day). Cameras must be three chip, professional mini-DV models, with high quality shot-gun mics, a sun gun and monopod or light tripod. Day shoots require quality, heavyweight tripod and a full light kit.


Two-thirds of our projects are US-based, one-third are global. We encourage applicants fluent both in English and the local language, with all the skills detailed above. If you have an NTSC camera (not required), please let us know.


Payment for on-street interviews is per interview and usually includes an incentive to the interviewee. Sit-down interviews are paid on a competitive day or half-day rate basis. We have numerous references from video journalists who enjoy our prompt payment.


Please apply to, including a few sentences about yourself — who you are and what you are trying to become, as well as your skills, journalism background, equipment and reasons for interest in this position. Include your resume within the text of the email, no attachments are opened. Thank you for considering this position!

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