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Casting notice posted on, casting location: Indianapolis, IN
We are a third generation PRODUCT DEMONSTRATION COMPANY and we cater to people with outgoing personalities! We are casting amateur and professional actors, musicians, models and performers and everyday people who LOVE to be the center of attention.

RIGHT NOW, we are looking for Indy’s most talented to join our team.

We want our cast to use us as a vehicle for your dreams. We realize that you need to make money and we provide an environment that is exciting, fun and profitable. We work around your creative endeavors and support your efforts with flexible scheduling.

We are re-creating Informercials LIVE inside a retail setting. Our presentations are fully scripted and performed daily. Memorization is a must! Audience interaction is required!

This is a full time opportunity including flexible weekly scheduling, health benefits and, if desired, amazing worldwide travel opportunities.

We’d like to see what you have to offer. Auditions are being held soon and by appointment only. Email today with “INDY” in the subject line.

Casting Location: Indianapolis, IN
Contact email:

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  1. Aicha Camara

    I am 11 years old African American. I am hoping to get an audition. I have had practicing with acting. I like dancing and singing and I hope I can be selected to be on any show or TV shows. I hope I am picked, thanks for reading my comment and helping start this opportunity.

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