Aflec Duck Casting Call


So we’ve all heard the news, Gilbert Gottfried was fired as the voice of the Aflec duck. For anyone who missed it… Gilbert Gottfried has long been the quackitty quack behind the most famous duck on TV. In the days following the Japan earthquake and subsequent tsunami, Mr. Gottfried made a few jokes through his personal Twitter account that was deemed insensitive by Aflec and its execs.

Aflec fired Gilbert Gottfried right away and pulled all the commercials that used his quack. As of today, Aflec plans to use an old commercial that did not use Gilbert’s voice until they find a replacement for him and create a new set of commercials or are able to replace his voice.

Now for the casting call…

The Aflec duck needs a new voice and a new Aflec quack. The company has issued a press release stating that they hope to find a new voice by April 1st 2011 and will be holding an open casting call online. Anyone who wants to tryout for the spot is welcome to do so.

Aflec has setup a special Facebook page for the casting call and instructions and stats should be posted soon.

Please visit for more details about becoming the new duck voice for the Aflec commercials.

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