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Basketball Promo
Casting notice posted on, casting location: Chicago, Il
SEEKING ACTORS: Promo that will Air on a National Network

Actors needed for a shoot Friday, May 20th & Saturday, May 21 in Chicago. No flexibility, must be available all day, both days. Local Preferred.

Pay: TBD Low-rate Stipend with a Copy of the Piece (Reel)

Acting Positions Needed:

1. Young Kid: Co-Star / Male / All Ethnicities / 5 – 8 years. Description: Young Male Child sleeps with difficulty in anticipation for an upcoming sporting event. Wardrobe: must provide own PJs.

2. Young Kid’s Mom: Co-Star / Female / All Ethnicities / 30 – 50 years. Description: A strong, working class mother tucks her son in as he eagerly awaits sporting event.

3. Coffee Shop Server: Co-Star / Female / All Ethnicities / 30 – 75 years. Description: A seasoned coffee shop waitress serves coffee to patrons at the counter.

4. Shoe Shiner: Co-Star / Male / All Ethnicities / 16 – 25 years. Description: A young man shines shoes in train station.

5. Train Ticket Taker: Co-Star / Female / African American / 35 – 75 years. Description: A curvy and strong woman, she works as a train ticket taker, but she’s has SOUL, almost a gospel vibe to her.

6. Corporate Guy: Co-Star / Male / All Ethnicities / 30 – 65 years
Description: Your typical business corporate looking guy, sitting at a mom-and-pop type coffee shop having breakfast before going into work to make a big sale.

7. Construction Worker: Co-Star / Male / All Ethnicities / 20 – 65 years. Description: A big guy, who works long hard days and his body shows it: his arms are big, shoulders broad. He sits and enjoys breakfast at a mom and pop coffee shop before working another shift.

8. Average Guy: Co-Star / Male / All Ethnicities / 20 – 65 years
Description: This guy is not blue collar and he’s not white collar, but somewhere in between. He’s probably a manager of a local grocery store, enjoying a cup of coffee before heading into the store for another long day.

9. Basketball Player: Co-Star / Male / African American / 16 – 40 years. Description: Looking for an African-American male who is SUPER TALL and athletic. Broad shoulders a plus, definitely looking for a sporty build. This guy could probably play for the NBA.

10. Girlfriend: Co-Star / Female / All Ethnicities / 16 – 40 years. Description: She’s the proud spouse of the all-star basketball player. She stands next to her guy beaming as he is bombarded by the press.

11. Train Station Patrons. Background / Male / Female / All Ethnicities / 16 – 99 years. Description: Looking for all shapes and sizes to play patrons in a train stations. We love all ages and looks.

Interested parties please send Current Contact Information, and please include a Head-Shot to:

Casting Location: Chicago, Il
Contact email:

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