Auditions for Pilot New Orleans


Feature trailer and sitcom pilot
Casting notice posted on, casting location: New orleans
Savage Light Studios is holding open auditions for two pieces. Auditions will be held on March 13th at the Hampton Inn, 2730 N Causeway Blvd, Metairie LA. Time TBA. Parts to follow. Sides will be provided ahead of time. One project will be shooting April 4th -12th, the second will be shooting april 15th -17th.

Auditions run from 9am – 2pm. To be considered you must a) be there by noon and b) request sides. a LIMITIED supply of sides will be available at auditions, but it is preferred that you bring your own copy.

Request sides at

These projects will be deferred pay. Once funding is secured, back pay will be issued before filming continues.

Vincent Murati: Male, mid 20s – late 30s: Insurance claims adjuster dying from a rapid onset terminal disease. Vincent has 30 days to live.

Sarah Murati: Female, mid 20s – mid 30s: Vincent’s wife. Dealing with the impending death of… her husband.

Patient Zero: female teens – mid 40s: first person to come down with the virus

Dr Scanland: Male or female early 30s late 40s. The Doctor that is treating Vincent.

Weeping nurse: female. Lamenting the death of patient zero… gets bitten

Hospital crash team 3 people, male/female late 20s-early 40s… these people attempt to save patient zero.

5 military men. Gunning down zombies.

Husband: male mid 20s-mid 30s: zombie victim

Wife: female mid 20s – mid 30s: witnesses her husband being killed and beats a zombie to death with a bat.

8 public servants/cleaning crew. Male and female 10-50. Cleaning up zombie remains

5 rednecks: 4 males, 1 female mid 20s-40: gunning down zombies in the woods

Granny: female 50+: tough old lady that takes a zombie down.

Kevin: Male late 20s-early 30s: A sitcom writer with an intense and powerful imagination. Room mate of Alexander.

Alexander: Male late 20s-early 30s: A romance writer with an intense and powerful imagination. Room mate of Kevin.

Kitty: female late teens early 20s: Cat girl, figment of Kevin’s imagination. Actress needs to provide black leggings, leotard and black boots (picture Ms Kitty from Monkeybone). This part will require IMPLIED nudity (not naked, but camera fooled to make it appear so)

Puppy: female late teens early 20s: puppy girl. Figement of Kevin’s imagination. Acress will need to provide overalls and sneakers.

Muse: Female. Stunning beauty. Literally, a greek muse.

Mr Withers: male 35-50. Kevin’s boss. Fires him.

MP1 & MP2: males 20s-late 30s: Military police set to guard the bathroom.

Mr Davies: Male late 40-50: kevin’s new boss; Doddering old man that runs the writing department for a new sitcom.

VARIOUS FREEKS: Male, female, other: we need extras to play additional figments of the writer’s imaginations. These parts require wild costumes.

Casting Location: New orleans
Contact email: