Auditions for The Short Film EXIMIUS Seattle

Casting Call teen actor

Casting notice posted on, casting location: Seattle, WA
The Short Film EXIMIUS:

A young man, James despises his monotonous lifestyle in school and at home. After contemplating the options, James decides to run away into a nearby forest. As he gets deeper and deeper, James begins to feel at home among the trees. After a couple weeks alone, James meets a girl walking through the woods named Zoey. The two find a common bond in the forest and grow close to each other. Eventually, James must make a decision that could forever change his life. Sanctum Pictures presents a dramatic and self-revealing journey with a troubled young man looking for freedom.

We are looking for:

Age/Race: 16-18 year old Caucasian female
Height: 5′ 4″ to 5′ 11″

Character Description:

Zoey is a pretty 15-18 year old young girl with soft features, who like James, loves the natural world and finds salvation in it. She is calm and collected and knows how to balance her social life and her personal life. Zoey has a hint of sarcasm in her tone at times and makes a few comments throughout the film that bring this feature out. She is not exactly a huge social butterfly but she does have some good friends to confide in. She is smart too and knows what she wants in life. She loves the wilderness and walks through it every day admiring its vast beauty.

Casting Location: Seattle, WA
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