Auditions for TV Pilot – Kids, Teens and adults

TV Pilot Auditions

Maryland area – this is a paying gig

Eden Productions is looking for actors for a dramatization of a documented Near Death Experience for their TV pilot, “I Died”. Actors must be Non-SAG and available to audition in late February in Baltimore. All actors will be financially compensated, and meals will be provided. Check out the current trailer for “I Died” in”the telly” section of the Eden Productions website:


Tyler: (5 to 7 years old)
A cute, innocent looking boy. (no dialogue)

Tyler: (12-17 years old)
Still cute,but now he has a deepness that makes him seem older than his years. Must be articulate and believable when he tells his NDE story.

Mother: (mid to late 30s)
Attractive and emotional. She is more concerned about the lives of her family than her own.

Father: (mid to late 30s)
A handsome and rugged,cool headed, father who puts the needs of his family above all else.

Chip: (10-15)
The funny prankster of the family, until the horrible car accident puts him in a state of shock.

Grandmother: (late 50s to early 60s)
A kind looking woman with deep, haunting eyes.

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Eden Productions
121 B Cross Keys Rd.
Baltimore, MD 21210
Attn: Ann Gallow