Boston Dance Company seeks actors and managers

By | November 12, 2011
Casting notice posted on, casting location: Boston, MA

Urbanity Dance, Boston’s leading contemporary dance company, is looking for actors/actresses and stage managers to participate in its fall revue, “Between the Lines,” going up on November 17-20. This is a great opportunity for actors and stage managers to gain experience, build contacts, and add something unique to their resumes.

Actors and stage mangers must be available this Sunday, November 13th from 3-8pm
to learn their roles, November 16th from 5pm-10:30pm for the dress rehearsal, and for all four shows on November 17-20th from 5pm-10:30pm. For more information, please visit

Descriptions of the roles are below. If you are interested, send a quick note to Haley at by this Friday, November 11. You will be notified by Saturday, November 12th at 9am. Tell us a quick bit about yourself(nothing scary) – just what you do now and why you are interested in performing with Urbanity or helping us stage manage this show.

Don’t miss out on this incredible last-minute opportunity!!

The roles are as follows:
Time Trolls – We are looking for four time trolls – actors/actresses (dance experience not required, but great if you have some). Time trolls dress in
outlandish, sparkly, feathery over-the-top glitz and are essentially the “tour leaders” – leading and interacting with your audience of 20-25 people each night through the maze of five rooms. Witness the performance in each room, then lead your audience through the adventure while playing with your audience. Only you have the accurate time, as we ask our audience to remove cell phones and
watches. We are looking for great actors/actresses, particularly those who are great improvisers, and those with customer service experience. You get to be abit mischievous too – playing with a warped sense of time and really screwingplayfully with people’s sense of time. Lots of room to create your character andhave fun with this. Plus you get to see the show each night for yourself, lucky

Stage Managers – We are looking for five stage managers to be stationed in each of our five studios, and help things run smoothly. Since there is a rotating time table, it is important that the stage managers help the performers and audience adhere to the time table. Stage managers also take note of lights, props, and performers in the space. Stage managing experience preferred, but if you are interested in stage management and have experience with multitasking, managing people or organization, drop us a line!

Casting Location: Boston, MA
Contact email:

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