Casting models for Toyota Commercial L.A.


Commercial model audition posted by the Casting Director

Casting notice posted on, casting location: Los Angeles

“Build Tomorrow’s Legacy”
Non-Union Commercial Casting: Lindsay Chag
2012 Toyota Prius Campaign
Date of Shoot: 1 day between 12/20 and 12/23
Location: Los Angeles

USAGE: TV and online. Not Print. Targeting Asian-American markets and Asian language stations. 1 year from date of first broadcast on TV, national cable, satellite and UHF, North America territory (includes Canada & Mexico) and online, including use of banners and apps for Toyota website, Youtube and Facebook. Renewable option for one year at the same rate + 10% agency fee.

[SPOKESPERSON/FATHER] ASIAN (Chinese or Korean, NOT Vietnamese or Philippine); Late 30s to mid 40s.
Good looking in a slightly aspirational way (but not a model-type). Athletic but not burly. He’s more iron man
than pumping iron. We buy him as a dad but we need a little bit of that ruggedness too. He is a Host, but his hosting is not performed, its more natural and almost instinctive. He is part scientist and part outdoorsman. PAY IS $1200 per DAY. 1 or 2 days TBD.

[MOTHER] ASIAN; Mid to late 30’s. Confident but not domineering. Not a high energy Julie Bowen type – more like a Rebecca Hall.
PAY IS $500 FOR 1 DAY.

[BOY] ASIAN; 9-11; very cute, a little nerdy; the endearing stereotype we all know. No children under 9 years old. PAY IS $500 FOR 1 DAY.

STORYLINE: An Asian American family of three in the vein of Lost In Space, Swiss Family Robinson, etc., except they aren’t stranded or lost. Instead they are a family of explorers and scientists far away from home on a long expedition looking for these Prii (which will appear like never before seen wild animals). The backdrop is a highly stylized Lost World like location.
In this concept, there is a spokesperson … a special guide who introduces audiences to an advanced species – the Prius.
The host/guide will show the breath of genus Prius – the evolution of Prius. Ultimately, he directs people to an online site
hosted on called Prius Kingdom. We’ll do this through a multitude of different channels (web banners, TV,
print, etc). Once audiences arrive at Prius Kingdom, they can interact with the hybrids and learn more about their innovative features.
Each model offer different attributes, but each member in the Prius family shares thesame innovative DNA. It’s a new hybrid family with
Prius in their nature.

Casting Location: Los Angeles
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