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Oatmeal Boys
Casting notice posted on, casting location: Los Angeles
Comedic actors for a Television Presentation Trailer

We are looking to cast the following roles for a presentation trailer we will be pitching to the network for a new half hour television show. We are especially searching for actors with great comedic timing. We will be holding auditions in May for those we are interested in putting on tape for our director. Filming of the trailer will be 1-2 days depending on role. This is a non-paying opportunity and you will be provided a copy of your scene for your reel. If interested please submit a headshot and resume to

Log Line
The Oatmeal Boys – A pair of heirs to the Craigwick Oatmeal empire fight to avoid the one sure thing in their lives: spending the rest of their days in their family’s oatmeal kingdom.


Male 21-24
Sam is a respectable stand-up kid. He’s rational, level-headed, and wants
nothing to do with inheriting his family’s oatmeal business. Because of his wealth, he’s a little out of touch with the world.

Male 21-24
Ben is Sam’s brother. He’s quick to anger and physically aggressive, but
will back-down at Sam’s command. Ben also hates working in his family’s

Female 21-24
Sandra does PR at Craigwick Oatmeal. She’s smart, attractive, and joins Ben
and Sam on their adventures to escape the business.

Strom Craigwick:
Male 50-70
The father and CEO of Craigwick Oatmeal. Sees Sam and Ben doing nothing but following his footsteps. Gives them no choice. Through Strom, you can see where Ben’s anger comes from.

Belle Craigwick:
Female. 50-70
The wife of Strom and mother of Ben and Sam. Belle wants the boys to pursue whatever ventures they want.

Male 40-50
This is a local news reporter who does a live shot with Ben and Sam when they unveil their Energy Star fireworks brand.

Female 21-24
Erica is a former girlfriend of Sam who runs into him at a bar. She’s angry because he dumped her.

Male 30-50
The bouncers remove Erica after she attacks Sam.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to your submissions.

Casting Location: Los Angeles
Contact email:

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