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Female Dancers for “Nobody Suspects a Butterfly”
Casting notice posted on, casting location: New York, NY
4/7/11 in New York, NY

Nobody Suspects A Butterfly – Female Dancers


Producer: Royal Family Productions, Inc.
Playwright: Chris Henry
Director: Chris Henry


Abigail E Disney (Academy Award Nominee) and Ross Greenburg (President HBO Sports, Emmy Award winner) attached to the project as well as Anthony Rapp, Sean Cullen, Heather Phillips
Dancers of all ethnic and racial backgrounds are encouraged to attend.
Indicate in the subject line: “Nobody Suspects A Butterfly Dancer Audition” and attach resume and headshot.


AEA Basic Showcase
Pay based on Experience


Contemporary Female Dancer trained in ballet, Limon and release. See breakdown for details and full production schedule.

Note: Must be able to attend ALL rehearsals and performances to be considered

Other Dates

NYC auditions will be held on 4/7, by appointment
Rehearsals begin: 4/11/11
Technical Rehearsals begin: 4/28/11
Performances begin: 5/8/11


Please be warmed up and ready to dance when call begins. Barefoot.

Production Rehearsal Schedule:
Unless otherwise noted all rehearsals and performances will be at TBG Theatre, 312 W 36th Street, Manhattan
4/11, 12pm-4pm location TBD, 4/12 –4/14, 11am-4pm, 4/15-4/16, 11am-2pm, 4/18-4/22, 9am-3pm, 4/23, 11am-3pm, 4/26-4/27, 10am-2pm, 4/28, 10am-2pm, 4/29-4/30, 2-7pm, 5/1, 10am-6pm, 5/3-5/5, 10am-2pm, 5/6-5/7 10am-6pm (Dress Rehearsal 4pm), 5/8, 11am-2pm & 8pm SHOW, 5/10, 8pm SHOW, 5/11, 12:30pm SHOW, 5/12, 7pm SHOW, 5/13, 2pm & 8pm SHOWS, 5/14, 8pm SHOW, 5/15, 7pm SHOW
Note: Must be able to attend ALL rehearsals and performances to be considered

Story Summary: In Winthrop, Maine, (pop. 6,724) within a span of 26 months 5 former high school athletes committed suicide. The media sought to find reason by focusing on one aspect of these boys lives – high school football. When CNN and Sports Illustrated investigated the story, it became national news. Nobody Suspects AButterfly written and directed by Chris(tine) Henry is a play based on these true events, told through football, dance, archival footage and interviews. Three months ago, another former Winthrop football player took his life. He played with four of the five young men described above. This last suicide crystallized the need to get this play produced.

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Casting Location: New York, NY
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