Green Room The Musical Florida Primer


Green Room The Musical Florida Primer
Casting notice posted on, casting location: Nationwide
Producer: Ryan Roberge
Driector: Sean Flynn
Stage Maniger : Jamie Lyn Woods
Must be 18 years of age to audtion
Show Runs July 1st thru the 3rd and 8th thru the 10th 2011
Audtions are May 6th at orlando shakespher theater
All roles are payed

The Green Room, a place where actors await their entrance onto the stage. But for many ‘green’ college theatre majors, it serves as a study lounge, a rehearsal space and a personal support center.

At fictional St. Nordoff University (a small Midwestern college) four students; Anna, her younger brother Cliff, her boyfriend John and the independent spirit Divonne spend their time together sharing some ambitions for life, discovering new possibilities for the future and learning about themselves as well as each other.

With great characters and an electrifying score, The Green Room takes the audience on a very relatable journey through the trials and tribulations of college life

The Green Room

Character Breakdown

Characters in Green Room

Anna Kearns— (18-25 age range. Soprano) Anna is an extremely beautiful, youthful, up-tight goody-goody acting major. She loves structure and always gets cast as the lead in all the productions. She is obsessed with shaping John Davis up and making him husband material. She sings the show-stopping “I Wanna Go To Extremes” and the beautiful duet “What do I Think of Me”.
Prototype: Sandy in “Grease,” Kate Monster in “Ave Q,” Roxy Hart in “Chicago”

Divonne Bruder— (18-25 age range. Alto) Divonne is very outspoken, funny and quirky. She is a younger Ethel Merman, Bette Midler or Barbra Striesand. She doesn’t fit into the academic scene at all and constantly threatens to move to New York. She’s frustrated that she has never gotten a lead role; instead she gets walk-ons or worse. Divonne falls in lust with Anna’s nerdy brother, Cliff, but soon dumps him. She sings the award-winning song “It’s All About Me” and the heart-melting “It Comes Easy”.
Prototype: Elphaba in “Wicked,” Maureen in “Rent,” Dot in “Sunday in the Park,” Rizzo in “Grease,” Velma Kelly in “Chicago”

Cliff Kearns—(18-25 age range. Tenor) Cliff is geeky, bright and boyish. Must be funny! Anna’s younger brother who follows her lead and attends St. Nordoff to act and write. He might be gay. He becomes best friends with playboy John Davis and romantically involved with Divonne. He sings the show-stopping “Nothing Can Stop My Boys” and “Destination Stage Left”.
Prototype: Mark in “Rent,” Seymour in “Little Shop,” Rod in “Ave Q”

John Davis—(18-25 age range. Bass) John is cocky, self-assured and jockish—a typical frat boy. He is in lust with Anna, but she continually gives him the brush off. His big-mouth, bad-boy attitude covers a heart of gold. He brags about being “the big man on campus” and gets the lead in every play. His dad wants him to study architecture, but he wants to pursue acting. He sings “Bachelor’s Anthem” and “In the End”
Prototype: Roger in “Rent,” Danny in “Grease,” Billy Flynn in “Chicago”

Casting Location: Nationwide
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