Japanese TV Show Casting Teen Girl


Los Angeles Casting Call for teen

Seeking “Paris Hilton” type teen girl

We are looking for 1 very rich and “Paris Hilton-like” high school girl to be featured on an upcoming Japanese TV show for Nippon Television (NTV).

Here’s the detailed scoop on the show:

– “Sekai No Kuchikomi” (working title), translates to “The World Heard Through The Grapevine”
– Japanese celebrity reporters on a mission to uncover the truth about certain cultural rumors
– Nippon Television (NTV), one of Japan’s major TV stations (www.ntv.co.jp)
– National broadcast in Japan through 9 analog channels and 5 digital channels
– Broadcast scheduled for sometime in mid-February

For the Beverly Hills segment:

We’re looking for –
Very rich high school girl (preferably Beverly Hills High School)
Currently lives in Beverly Hills or surrounding area
Basically the more “ballin’ and flossy” you are, the better
Prefer non-Japanese girls, no need to be able to speak Japanese

What we’ll film –
Your shopping, your school, your rich friends, your gigantic house
Anything that shows the lavish lifestyle of a stereotypical “Bevery Hills high school girl”

The end product –
Something similar to MTV’s “My Super Sweet 16” without the birthday party
A high school girl version of VH1’s “The Fabulous Life”

Compensation –
Negotiable and dependent on length of filming ($250 ~ $500)
Plus you get your 6, 7 minutes of fame!

We’re hoping to find and start talking to potential candidates by next Monday 1/13/10.
So if you or anyone knows a girl that may be a good fit for this, please contact us ASAP.

Thanks a lot!

Hiro Totani
Project Coordinator
RAS Productions
310.781.1111 office