Los Angeles Film Auditions ‘Louder Than Words’


Louder Than Words
Casting notice posted on auditionsfree.com, casting location: Los Angeles, CA
DT Productions is casting LOUDER THAN WORDS, a five-minute digital short film.
Returning to his summer job after a three week medical leave, Collin, a mute, is immediately pushed back into the daily routine of working for Roger, an absolute horrible boss. Not long into his first day back at work, the woman of Collin’s dreams walks into the store. Collin soon finds out she is not who he expected. Copy, Credit, and Meals will be provided.

Auditions will be held on November 19 at El Camino Compton Center, please email for further instruction. DT_Productions11@yahoo.com

Seeking— Collin: A Caucasian male college student in his early 20’s. He had a portion of his larynx removed because of a possible cancerous tumor. The tumor was completely removed but now he is mute. He’s always been a nice and laid back person. LEAD;
Roger: A Caucasian male in his mid 30’s. People tell him he hasn’t amounted to much in life, but he doesn’t seem to feel this way, despite the fact that he still lives at home with his parents. He runs a small convenience store, which his parents own. He acts like the store is Mount Olympus as he feels like he is Zeus.
Isabella: A female college student in her early 20’s. She has been deaf since the age of 14. She has no shame in the fact that she is deaf. She is outgoing. Isabella only travels to the store because it is the only one in town. She only goes in when she has to and tries to avoid it as much as possible because of previous experiences involving Roger.

Casting Location: Los Angeles, CA
Contact email: DT_Productions11@yahoo.com

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