“New Heroes” Teen Casting Call


“New Heroes” Teen Casting Call
Casting notice posted on auditionsfree.com, casting location: New York
nfo: Making a student film during Spring of 2011. In need of two actors (one boy, one girl) for the roles below:

[BOBBY] – MALE, one of three lead roles, African American, age range: 15-17, is naturally smart, has electric powers, can build almost anything, and “smart-ass” type.

[DIANNE] – FEMALE, supporting role, Hispanic, age range: 15-17, the girl who can fight and take care of herself, has teleportation powers, street-smart, and love-interest for Tony.

To submit yourself, e-mail me your headshot(does not need to be professional), a possible resume, and the role you are going for to bsanchez02@gmail.com with subject line “New Heroes.” I will reply to you with a side for the character you are auditioning for and some info about the movie. You can also ask any questions. Check out my YouTube channel “comedykid0909? to see some of my early effects work, so you’ll have an idea of the movie.

Casting Location: New York
Contact email: bsanchez02@gmail.com