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Zombie Prom the musical
Casting notice posted on auditionsfree.com, casting location: kissimmee/orlando/winter haven fl

Airhead Productions is very excited to announce auditions for Zombie Prom the musical!

Directed by: Ryan Roberge
Musically Directed by: Casey Faulkner

Zombie Prom tells the story of your typical 1950’s teenage girl, Toffee, falling in love with the bad boy, Jonny, who spells his name without the customary ‘h’. It’s the typical love story, kind of. As a result of Toffee’s parents not approving of Toffee dating Jonny, she breaks up with him. A distraught Jonny claims that she never loved him, and he throws himself into the Nuclear Power Plant’s waste dump. Toffee mourns for weeks, but he hears her voice from beyond the grave, and bursts from her locker in the rotting flesh. Follow Toffee and Jonny on their adventure to be together, get Jonny back to school, and go to prom. Come support the zombie rights movement, and help us find the truth behind reporter Eddie Flagrante, and the ever preachful Miss Strict.

Jonny (tenor) – In love with Toffee. The zombie. 18-25
Toffee (sopano) – Torn by love teenage girl. 18-25
Miss Strict (soprano) -Strict pincipal of Enrico Fermi High 30-40
Eddie Flagrante (bass/baritone) – Reporter for Expose magazine 30-40
Josh/Jake/Joey (tenor/baritone) – Jonny’s best friends. 18-25
Candy/Coco/Ginger (soprano/alto)- Toffee’s best friends. 18 -25

*Many ensemble roles available

Please prepare 32 bars of a contemporary musical theatre or pop/rock song. Please bring legible sheet music in your key and dress comfortably for the dance audition.

Audition location:
Hardwood Waltson Dance Studio

820 Lake Baldwin Lane, Orlando, FL
Audition time are 7pm to 10pm
if you have and qustion call use at 407-709-0630 or email us at airheadproductions@gmail.com

Casting Location: kissimmee/orlando/winter haven fl
Contact email: airheadproductions@gmail.com

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