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Without A Cue Productions, LLC is holding auditions June 28th. Philadelphia based murder mystery theater company seeking experienced improv actors m&f ages 20+ for upcoming productions. Specifically seeking men and women with excellent comedic timing, charisma and preferably vocal ability (vocal ability not a must).

We are specifically seeking to fill the following roles for our September – December production at Peddler’s Village (rehearsals begin in July):

Rose and Blanche ala “The Golden Girls”
Gentleman 50’s+ that can do a convincing Columbo impression
Men 30+ to play “Dorothy”

We are also seeking for a future production of Idol Assassination men that coud fill the roles of Simon Callous, Ryan Oceanfront, and Dustin Goreini.

Performances in New Jersey and Bucks and Philadelphia counties, including Philadelphia, Atlantic City and Princeton. Feel free to check out our website to learn more about us:

Auditions by appointment ONLY. Please email:


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