Short Film Auditions

By | January 3, 2011

Casting Calls 2011

Casting call for an HD Short Film – Austin, Texas

Shooting scheduled for March 2011. Le Generateur is casting the short HD film “Two Bucks”

Casting the following roles:

RIO – Early to mid 20s. Slightly-overweight to pudgy. Rio is light-hearted, even in depression. He’s an underachiever dedicated to his own mediocrity.

JALISSA – Late teens to early 20s. Brunette, a natural beauty without trying too hard. Though shy and demure, she is capable of stepping outside her shell. She knows the grass isn’t always greener, yet finds herself occasionally pushing herself toward the other side anyway.

ASHLEY – Late teens to early 20s. Classmate who plays second fiddle to Heather’s will, she earns acceptance by supporting popular opinion.

YOUNG CHILD and MOTHER – 5 to 7 for child and open age for mother. Seasoned beachgoers who know the value in a good haggle.

HEATHER – Late teens to early 20s. Post freshman college classmate of Jalissa, she doesn’t mind throwing her weight around.

BEACH COP – Late 40s to 50s. Good old Texas beach cop who has seen it all and takes it in stride.

Send headshots and resumes to: