Student Film New York


Leaving Her Footsteps
Casting notice posted on, casting location: Manhattan, New York
NYU Student Film

6 min

Audition Date: 10/14

Shooting Begins: 11/4

Shooting Ends: 11/6

“Leaving Her Footsteps” is a story about Sam, a young man who should be having the time of his life but is instead packing away what is left of his mother. Childhood memories and ghostly visions of his mom, his best friend, overwhelm him. Thanks to his mother’s cowboy boots Sam discovers that he is not alone and that moving on is a part of life.

SAM. 18 – 25. CAUCASIAN.

Sam is fiercely loyal to those he loves. He is quiet, not because he has nothing to say but because he likes to listen to others. His dream is to own a self-sustaining farm. Since he was sixteen his favorite drink has been a gin and tonic.


Sam’s mother as he remembers her from his childhood. In life she was vibrant and always hopeful. Everything she did, she did for Sam. Her favorite flavor of ice cream is vanilla, the scent would sometimes linger on her.


Robert has recently lost his only grandchild. He has not looked passed his own grief to those around him.

Casting Location: Manhattan, New York
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