Vampire Diaries Parody Casting

By | March 17, 2011

Vampire Diaries Parody
Casting notice posted on, casting location: Covington, GA
The Cullen Girls is a production company that’s all about the fans. Whether it’s Twilight or Vampire Diaries the Cullen Girls try to bring what the fans want to see into their own version of the original story. The Cullen Girls are getting ready to start casting for their next Parody. This parody is going to be based on the hit show The Vampire Diaries. Want to Audition? Want your chance to act out your favorite scenes?

Filming will start in April. Location for filming is Covington GA. Yes, we will be shooting at the same businesses and homes they use on the show. SO Mystic Falls here we come!

They are looking for the following roles (You must look like the original actors from TVD TV show.):

[b]Damon Salvatore- [/b]


Damon: Who are you talking to?
Stefan: I had a chance to kill her and I hesitated.
Damon: Well, that is the fork in the road between you and me, my friend. I don’t hesitate.
“This woman ruined our lives, she destroyed us. Tonight it ends.”

[b]Stefan Salvatore-[/b]


Stefan: You’re not gonna kill her.
Damon: Dont give me that goody-goody crap.
Stefan: Because I am.

[b]Caroline Forbes-[/b]


“She killed me. Fair is fair.”

[b]Bonnie Bennett-[/b]


Jeremy it`s Katherine. She’s linked with Katherine. Get them to stop. NOW.


The Cullen Girls do ask that you come to your audition prepared to give it your all. Please have at least 2 lines learned and ready to perform on cue. (from the actor you think you resemble) Lines are listed with the character.
A contact email has been provided for questions:
The website can be found at:

Some roles WILL have compensation.

Casting Location: Covington, GA
Contact email:

5 thoughts on “Vampire Diaries Parody Casting


    Hello my name is Rosanna Cooper and I am eighteen years.I live in the Bahamas, but I always wanted to move to the U.S to start my acting Career. Ever since the age of six it has always been my dream to act. Personally its not about the money its about doing what I love to do. And to hear that it is casting calls makes it wonderful. I have been in at least thirty plays and musicals where I live. I would like to end by saying this is a dream come true and I would bring the respect, leadership, discipline, and drive to the set everyday. So please give me a chance.

  2. stacie wheeler

    Hi i love vampire diaries! Pleeeeease bring back Lexi some how. I loved her character and couldnt believe u killed her off. I have been trying to audition but have no idea how. Can you also put more “bites” in they are so funny!

  3. Andrijana Veselinovic

    Hello My name is Andrijana Veselinovic and Ive watched so many of your episodes of Vampire Diaries and i’d love to be able to be a part of it. I am 14 soon 15 i am very confident i’ve been to several acting schools the best in the London such as stage coach and Silvia young which i am currently attending now also to conclude that it would be great if you could contact me as soon as possible because it would be such a great opportunity for me and for you as well.

  4. Daniel

    hi i am looking for an audition for the vampire diaries i live in england but i think i could get the money together if you need anymore characters or an extra i would be intrested please let me know thank you.


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