MTV – Online Relationship – In love with someone online?

Did you meet the love of your life on Facebook, Tumblr, Myspace, or some other type of site? Have you been dying to connect but haven’t been able to make it happen yet? Are either of you shy, insecure, or is traveling just too expensive? Are you nervous or worried about taking the next step? Are you ready to come clean about something you haven’t told them yet? Or, are you ready to get down on one knee!!?

MTV is offering couples who are in an online relationship but have never met before a chance to finally meet face-to-face! We want to document your journey as you get ready to meet your online crush for the very first time. As long as you’re at least 18 and appear to be between 17 and 30, both in the US or Canada, don’t worry about the distance, we take care of everything! If it’s a moment of truth or a fairytale ending that you’re looking for, email us your info at, and we’ll help you finally make it happen!

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