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All Against The Lines 2.0
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location: Orlando Fl

Category: Theater

Please Send Head shots and Resumes to
Or Contact Stage Manager
Keriss Savila: 202-280-5093

Synopsis: The harder you jump the faster you fall. Maria D. Angelo seems to always be caught up in the mix of confusion, confessions and drama with her cousin Ardacity A. Tilmen . The two cousin find out about the skeletons they have had trapped in their closets since their childhood. Levon D. Harris Productions invite you on a stage full of drama, Mystery and mischief. So let the stem out your collars and come sit through the experience of a life time.

Ardacity A.Tilmen: She is very beautiful. She dresses classy and unique and has a high self – esteem. She is mostly excited about everything but can be real arguetive when she doesn’t agree with what someone is saying.

Maria D. Angelo: She is very blunt but fun. She is known for saying what’s on her mind and she agrees with a lot that is said. She dresses very natural and casual. She knows how to make things make since.

Camoron: He is very goofy, loud and handsome. He is known for getting underneath someone skin. He dresses very original. Anything that makes his day interesting he goes for it and makes it happen. He loves attention.

David: He is very attractive and handsome. He has a very clear tone he is much conceded. He has a way of using his words to get what he wants. He dresses smooth and is known to be a player.

Jeffery: He is very nonchalant. He does really care about much unless it benefits him. He Dresses very natural. It really does matter much of what happens in his eyes.

Job type: Non Paid

Casting Location: Orlando Fl
Contact email: allagainsthelinesproduction@rocketmail.com

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