San Francisco – Gig for female native speakers of Korean, Portuguese, Greek, Czech, and Polish

By | February 10, 2012

Casting notice posted on, casting location: San Francisco, CA
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We are looking to work with native speakers of Korean, Portuguese, Greek, Czech, and Polish for this assignment. This will be a paid assignment to individuals from various foreign countries for doing a short video shoot of various commonly used phrases and sentences in their native language.

Our company is working on a Language Phrasebook App for mobile platforms including iPhone and Android. We have developed a product that is aimed at providing visitors/tourists in non-English speaking countries a tool to effectively communicate in the native language of the country. Hence, for example, if you are visiting China on a holiday or business trip, chances are you would need to speak the language to get around, order meals and shop around. Our software will help you do that by being a constant companion on your trip.

We have already produced and released our Thai Language App called “Thai Language Hostess”. You can get an idea of what we are doing here: and here:

What is involved for the Candidates?
We invite women candidates from non-English speaking countries to apply for this position. For the current phase, we are looking for candidates who are native speakers of the following languages: Korean, Portuguese, Greek, Czech, and Polish

Is this a paid assignment?
Yes, this is a paid assignment and each candidate will be paid $300 for about 2-3 hours of video shooting time.

What is the selection process?
Interested candidates will be asked to submit a brief profile of themselves which will include their name, their native country’s name, a brief about themselves and a few photographs. After shortlisting candidates, our project manager will meet with the candidates to finalize the candidates for each country.

Is there any nudity involved?
There is absolute no nudity involved. The application is targeted towards families, business people and tourists visiting non-English speaking countries.

Why only women?
The primary reason for having female applicants only is that our first criteria is to have consistency in the voice across all categories of phrases. Hence we need to choose between male only vs. female only. For an app like this we feel that female voices work better as the voice is softer compared to male voices. Also, the app is named “Language Hostess”.

What will the candidate need to do on the day of the shoot?
On the day of the shoot, the candidate will need to come to a recording studio in San Francisco. The candidates will need to wear/bring 2-3 sets of smart clothes with evening wear make-up and hair. Candidates will be in front of a camera and will be shown slides of phrases that they will need to repeat. The entire process should last 2-3 hours per candidate after which the candidate can get paid and go home. The Language Hostess Project Manager will be with the candidates at all times during the shoot and will help candidates through all steps of the recording process. Shooting will take place on a Saturday in February or March.

How and where will the video recordings be used?
The video recordings will be used within the Language Hostess family of applications. The video recordings may also be used for other related applications and promotional media including websites, FaceBook and YouTube.

Casting Location: San Francisco, CA
Contact email:

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