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Casting Male Actor 50-70
Casting notice posted on, casting location: San Francisco
Casting a male lead for the role of James Erro (50-70), in a fantastic dialogue scene from a horror/thriller feature film script called “Aberration,” which we’re going to get funding to make. This scene will help entice investors to read the script, and it should make a fantastic demo reel piece for all of us.

Synopsis for “Aberration”:

Stacy (22) is pregnant. She’s terrified. Her family is relying on her to get work after graduation and her parents would be horribly disappointed if they found out. She decides to get an abortion; until the clinic nurse convinces Stacy to call a family who is willing to pay big money for a healthy newborn. So Stacy sets up a meeting with James Erro (60s), the head of the family. Stacy meets him at an incredible restaurant that his family owns. We will be shooting this dialogue scene, in which James Erro reveals their disturbing intentions for Stacy’s unborn child.

James Erro (50-70) is a very affluent, respected member of society. He’s incredibly wealthy and powerful, and has a kind face that people want to trust. He seems kind and honest, and has a soothing way of speaking that could put anyone’s worries to rest. But beneath the kind and gentle exterior, something dark and evil lurks. James and his family have some very disturbing plans for Stacy and her child.

If you’re interested, please e-mail me at, and I’d be happy to send you the scene to read.

Casting Location: San Francisco
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